3 Easy GPA Boosters at Carleton

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There's something unfair about the way we talk about "easy" courses. You shouldn't have to be ashamed of taking something that lightens your load a little You've got a lot on your plate between classes, friends, a job, and a dozen other things. Give yourself a break and add one of these electives to your course load—you'll sleep easier at night!

Law, State, and Citizen—LAWS 2502

Don't be scared off by the fact that this is a law course. It's actually super easy, and the final is easier than the midterm. 

Introduction to Psychology—PSYC 1002

Intro to psych is a very basic course with no previous knowledge required. The midterm and final are split 50/50%, and the exam is all multiple choice. Easy!

Intro to Popular Music—MUSI 1002

MUSI 1002 is super easy as long as you go to class and pay attention. The prof will touch on everything that will be on the exam in class, so take some notes and you'll do fine. Plus the information is usually pretty interesting!

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