Rollercoaster Forecast Giving Us Every Emotion

Stay strong through the storm- it’s worth it



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Brace yourselves for a rollercoaster of weather over the next week, guys. Weather networks are forecasting tons of rain starting tomorrow morning, bringing potential flooding to many Ottawa neighbourhoods. In fact, several roads in the surrounding regions which have already started to receive their share of precipitation have already been closed due to flooding. 

That means bust out those rain boots and umbrellas before bed tonight, because we’re in for a wet morning. Better yet, if you have a full rain poncho, it sounds like thats the way to go.

But lets not get too negative; never was the saying “every cloud has a silver lining” truer than right now. 

Following the heavy rain- a projected 50mm over the next 2 days- real, honest-to-goodness warm temperatures are forecast for the weekend! Both Saturday and Sunday are expected to be rain-free, with temperatures reaching the mid-teens. Beyond that, we’re crossing our fingers that the mid-week forecast of twenty-degree temperatures comes true. Stay posted on that one, folks!

With all this warm weather and sun, what will you do this weekend?

Cred: TheWeatherNetwork


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